December + January Empties

After posting my fall empties outrageously late (and keeping those bottles to photograph this entire time), I’m relieved to get December & January up in a timely manner. This also means that I got to recycle a lot of bottles today, which is always a good feeling! Without further ado… Continue reading


Fall Empties

There is a well-known joy in purchasing and receiving a new item, but to me, there’s a different kind of joy when you finish an item. The perfectionist in me likes the idea I’ve completed something;  I also like the idea of responsible consumption (maybe too much – sometimes I’ll shoulder through things I hate!). I’ve been bad at actually keeping track of when things run out, so I’ve gathered (what I think are) some previous months’ empties (loosely October+November, with maybe bits of December thrown in).
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Tosowoong Timeshift First Essence Review

Peach & Lily has a sample sale once a year in NYC, and I was lucky enough this year to be in the area, so I got up early, gulped some coffee, and headed out to stand in line! I didn’t have any ideas of what I wanted to grab ahead of time, but I was pleasantly surprised to see some products that they don’t carry on their website. Tosowoong’s Time Shift First Essence falls into that category, and as I browsed, the promise of glowy skin + light hydration tempted me enough that this made the cut (that, and I had recently dropped and broken my Secret Key First Treatment Rose Essence).

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